proptools: Rocket Propulsion Design Tools

Proptools is a Python package for preliminary design of rocket propulsion systems.

Proptools provides implementations of equations for nozzle flow, turbo-machinery and rocket structures. The project aims to cover most of the commonly used equations in Rocket Propulsion Elements by George Sutton and Oscar Biblarz and Modern Engineering for Design of Liquid-Propellant Rocket Engines by Dieter Huzel and David Huang.

Proptools can be used as a desktop calculator:

>> from proptools import nozzle
>> p_c = 10e6; p_e = 100e3; gamma = 1.2; m_molar = 20e-3; T_c = 3000.
>> C_f = nozzle.thrust_coef(p_c, p_e, gamma)
>> c_star = nozzle.c_star(gamma, m_molar, T_c)
>> I_sp = C_f * c_star / nozzle.g
>> print "The engine's ideal sea level specific impulse is {:.1f} seconds.".format(I_sp)
The engine's ideal sea level specific impulse is 288.7 seconds.

Proptools can also be used as a library in other propulsion design and analysis software. It is distributed under a MIT License and can be used in commercial projects.

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